April 30, 2012

Spring is here!
Time to rise up!
Join a May Day action near you

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My husband works in information technology for a large corporation. After a little encouragement from me when I mentioned the upcoming General Strike on May Day, he decided to take a "comp day" and join the action with me on May Day. Here's why in his own words:

"I'm striking because I refuse to be part of a chastened and fearful American workforce and I am fed up with injustice … and I knew it would make you happy."

His statement inspired me to write my own reasons for striking:

  • Because war criminals go on book tours while their victims' corpses rot, and the families grieve.
  • Because 22-yr-olds leave college with heavy loads of debt and few job prospects.
  • Because men and women (and yes, even children) roll themselves in blankets and sleep in doorways, night after night.
  • Because my friend - a professor - got a police baton in the chest when she tried to protect UC students from violent cops at Occupy Cal.
  • Because "there aren't enough funds" for childcare or shelters, but there are always enough funds for the Pentagon and the increasingly militarized police forces (read more here).

You can join in the spirit of May Day in many ways. Join an action in the streets! Take off work, leave early or at least post a sign in you window or cubicle wall showing your solidarity. (Color | Black & White). Take the day off of shopping and banking. In some cities we are bringing a May Pole (see our guides to making a May Pole and taking action in the streets). OccupyTogether has created a list of other ways to participate.

And here's one more tool for the revolution - take our online twitter training course to sharpen your social media skills!

May Day started as a struggle for the 8-hour work day in Chicago in 1886. Many people have suffered and died over the past decade of economic injustice and wars. Let's remember the words of labor organizer Mary "Mother" Jones, who lived in Chicago in 1886: "Pray for the dead, and work like hell for the living!"

Happy May Day,
Janet and the CODEPINK Team: Alli, Jodie, Magda, Medea, Nancy, Ramah, Rae, Tighe

PS The first-ever International Drones Conference in DC this past weekend, organized by CODEPINK, was a huge success! Read the Drones Summit Statement and the news.

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