A Banner Year for Our Boycott Campaign!


Thank Lonely Planet!

January 24, 2013

Dear Supporter,

2012 was a banner year for our boycott campaign, and we wanted to make sure you knew about the accomplishments that you helped make possible! The victories are too numerous to list here, but you can see them all on our campaign timeline

Here are a few highlights from 2012:

  • prominent UK scientists and intellectuals called on the Natural History Museum to halt its research collaboration with Ahava
  • United Methodists vote to boycott Israeli settlement goods, including Ahava
  • U.S. Presbyterians voted to boycott Ahava in particular and all Israeli settlement goods in general
  • Abby Disney renounced her family fund's share in Ahava
  • Lonely Planet published the new edition of its guide to Israel and the Palestinian Territories, and because of phone calls, meetings, and letters asking them to remove Ahava from the guide, the Ahava showroom was no longer listed as a recommended stop on a Dead Sea itinerary.

International highlights include Ahava being dropped by its Japanese agent distributor, the South African government's calling out Ahava by name in a push for accurate labeling of settlement goods, and a major Norwegian retailer's discontinuing sales of Ahava.

The year also saw Ahava being denounced in reports from Who ProfitsAl Haq, and a coalition of 22 NGO's. You might say that Ahava has become the poster child for the evils of illegal settlement goods and occupation profiteering. 

In 2013, we will continue our efforts to hold the company accountable for its violations of international law--particularly its pillage of occupied natural resources. We will be calling on you soon to help us keep the pressure on Nordstrom, a “socially responsible” retailer that knowingly sells Ahava's pillaged mud products, but in the meantime, please thank Lonely Planet for dropping Ahava from its travel guide!

Thank you so much for supporting human rights and international law, and for helping to take the profit out of occupation!

Onward towards peace and justice,
Nancy K for the Stolen Beauty Ahava Boycott Team